The Scally Family with John Burke, FreeFrom Food Awards Ireland founder

This is the second year of the Small Producer Award, which is in memory of our beloved late co-founder Lisa Acton. We like to say ‘she was big on small producers’

The small producer award is going to be one that we are very discerning about. Lisa chose last year’s winner, Rosaleen’s Kitchen, who was one of her favourites all through the years. This year’s winner had to be a worthy follow on. They must have wowed our judges, they must have produced something that surprised panels by the normalcy of the product, despite being freefrom. They must produce on a small enough basis to be small but we hope they dream big.

The company that was chosen unanimously by our steering committee is a first time entrant to the Awards. They have done very well in this year’s awards, winning a total of eight awards overall. We hope that while they would not have known Lisa, that they can treasure this award over everything. We know that Lisa would have supported them one hundred per cent and argued throughout the judging that they ought be to supported and rewarded for their amazing products.

The Lisa Action Small Producer of the Year Award goes to Clonakilty Gluten Free Kitchen

Hug congratulations to Niamh Scally and her very supportive parents – you can read more about their story here.