timeline for 2022

wednesday 1st june

Open for Entries – producers and manufacturers of FreeFrom foods are invited to enter the FreeFrom Food Awards Ireland 2021 and avail of our early bird entry. 

Thursday 30th June

Open for Entries – our ‘early bird’ entry period closes, with our normal entry period continuing into August.

Friday 12th August

Close of Entry period – entry period comes to an end and we begin our assessment period and prepare for our judging sessions. Judging sessions will commence in mid September. All product must be supplied in time for scheduled panels. 

12th September - 23rd september

Judging Ongoing – our panels will be assembled for several weeks, according to restrictions (if any in place) and comfort of judges. The vast and exciting task of preparing and presenting to our discerning judges continues throughout September. We will advise entrants of the Panel dates ahead of time, so that product reaches us at optimal times to be presented to the panels. 

Early november

We will, at last, host the Presentations of the 2022 FFFAIs in real life in early November. We are planning an ‘attendance’ event according to the signs and hope that the Covid-19 pandemic is coming to an end. We will continue to assess this on an ongoing basis, but are strongly hopeful of an in person event, which we have missed out on for the past two years. The event will take place in the Grand Hotel, Malahide, subject to availability and dates will be confirmed soon.