The Coeliac Society of Ireland has launched it’s Minding Me, Gluten Free App, a flagship service now in the palm of every member of the society, making shopping, eating out and cooking at home a better experience for members, and getting them closer to making Ireland the best country in the world to live gluten free. The app is only available to Coeliac Society of Ireland members and is included in the current membership fee.

Coeliac Society App 2021

The app includes:

• Gluten Free Food Database – Search the comprehensive database of gluten free goods available in Irish shops, including ‘own brand’ supermarket products at your fingertips.

• Barcode Scanner – Search for products by scanning barcodes and cross-referencing them against their catalogue of gluten free foods.

• Shopping Lists – Find new products using public shopping lists hand-picked by their team or create your own private shopping lists using our database and barcode scanner.

• Gluten Free Recipes – Bespoke recipes developed by in-house team of nutritionists and food advisors with simple step by step instructions and methods including nutritional breakdown.

• Special Offers – Special offers, rewards, and vouchers available to all members of the Coeliac Society Of Ireland.

• Push Notifications – With push notifications, be the first to hear about the latest news, updates and offers.

Not a member of The Coeliac Society of Ireland? If you are interested in joining, you can find out more here

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