Ireland’s only Awards dedicated to the FreeFrom Food industry.

Developed to encourage innovation and development within the sector, the FreeFrom Food Awards took place in Ireland in 2016 for the first time. The 2024 awards will be the 9th year. 

With entries from the 32 counties, the FreeFrom Food Awards commends the growth of the FreeFrom area in Ireland. Manufacturers continue to respond to the need for gluten free, dairy free and wheat free, among the 14 allergens which limit consumer’s diets. 

Led by industry experts, the FFFA team includes two coeliacs plus a diabetic and judging panels include people who live with an intolerance or allergy. Panels are assembled from various backgrounds, including coeliacs, dietitians, parents of FreeFrom children, nutritionists, chefs, bakers and bloggers.

Judging takes place over several weeks, with over 40 categories, to ensure that entries are considered across a level playing field. A Shortlist is released some weeks ahead of the official Awards Presentation, a Gala Night, with a FreeFrom dinner and entertainment during which we celebrate the best of the FreeFrom industry. 

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are granted, along with a Merit badge for products still considered high quality by the judges. Winners may display the relevant badge on their packaging, which helps consumers wading through FreeFrom sections to discern which products are best. Categories are diverse from pasta to ready meals, cakes to crisps and bread products to breakfast cereals.

The FreeFrom Food Awards Ireland was founded by coeliac entrepreneur John Burke. The FreeFrom Food Awards, started in the UK in 2007, being the only industry awards for FreeFrom foods, by FoodsMatter and FreeFrom Foods Matter. Having been a judge at the UK FreeFrom Food Awards for over 7 years, John adapted the awards format for an Irish setting, establishing the FreeFrom Food Awards Ireland in 2016.  

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