timeline for 2021


Open for Entries – producers and manufacturers of FreeFrom foods are invited to enter the FreeFrom Food Awards Ireland 2021.


Open for Entries – our ‘early bird’ entry period runs until Tuesday 8th June, giving everyone a little extra time due to the upheaval of the pandemic and changes to our usual annual timeline. Our normal entry period then continues until Tuesday 6th July.


Close of Entry period – Tuesday 6th July our entry period comes to an end. On 7th July we begin our assessment period and we prepare for our judging sessions. Judging sessions will commence in late July, subject to restrictions.


Judging Ongoing – our panels will be assembled throughout July and August, spaced out to allow for smaller panels and social distancing. The vast and exciting task of preparing and presenting to our discerning judges continues throughout August.


We will host the Presentations of the 2021 FFFAIs in October. We are currently planning an ‘attendance’ event in the hope and expectation that the Covid-19 pandemic will be coming to an end. We are assessing this on an ongoing basis. In the event that it is not feasible to host an event due to the pandemic – we will host an online presentation night.